Love called Bob

My husband’s last sermon

Bob baptizing granddaughter Mica

And besides, well, that was Bob’s Ur-sermon. God is Love; Love calls us to Itself. More love, less fear. Do it. Let Love change you.

Into your hands, O merciful Savior, we commend your
servant Bob. Acknowledge, we humbly beseech you, a sheep of
your own fold, a lamb of your own flock, a sinner of your
own redeeming. Receive him into the arms of your mercy,
into the blessed rest of everlasting peace, and into the
glorious company of the saints in light. Amen.

Morning dawns in Bob’s ICU room, like the first morning, except surreal with electronic beeping and wheezing.
Bob loved this Christmas amaryllis given by our friends Signe and Jon. The last flower died the day Bob did.



Author, lecturer, playwright

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