Thank you, Arden!

Arden’s award on my coffee table.

Narrative is radical, creating us at the very moment it is being created. We will not blame you if your reach exceeds your grasp; if love so ignites your words they go down in flames and nothing is left but their scald.

If the theater folk walking into the bar reach together for love, and even if they fail to make art that holds it perfectly, well, then, they will still have created something that holds the energy of that moment of their lives together. And when the run is finished, they will be different, but more human. This storytelling together can be playful, life-giving, even scalding, work. Or it can just be telling stories, as my mother used to call falsehoods. It can be story-selling and drama. The bad kind.

Danielle Leneé as Harriet in My General Tubman, Arden Theatre, 2020.
At The Liberty View at The Independence Visitor Center just before receiving Arden’s Master Storyteller Award.



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